BY Alan Black

Season Of Change.

Season of Change 

With the changing of seasons there comes an opportunity to embrace the end of one season and the beginning of a new one. The cold of winter that is shared by many around the world gives way to the entrance of spring. A change that is needed and is a part of the environmental order.  

Spring brings forth new beginnings. Beginnings whereby we witness those things in nature that withered away now preparing to come to life. Starting anew. Without failure each spring reintroduces itself to the world.  

The old things begin anew. The new shows forth a promise of better things to come. 

The beginning of new seasons can be reflected in our lives as well. The old things that we have held on at some point need to pass away. Pass away as they are no longer productive in our lives and in fact are hindrances that tie us down. 

The quest to begin anew is not with challenges. To move forward comes with the temptation to remain in places that are comfortable and perceived as being safe.  

But to grow in manners that affirm the best within us shall call us to matriculate to unknowns that require us to reach down and tap into the essence of who we are. As we do it will demand of us to proclaim by new actions that the old us is part of yesterday, and the new us is here to stay.  

Seasons that change. They are part of the life cycle. The question then becomes; where do you stand in the process of change?  

Allan Black

Alan Black

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