Have You Seen It All!

By Boluwatife Vincent Akinpelu


Her name is Vivian. She almost killed
herself. Pathetic? Yes of course!

This is the story of Vivian. Vivian is
a smart and intelligent girl who always takes all aspect of her life seriously.
Academically, she is smart and intelligent, a distinction student of course. Her
social life is quite outstanding as well. She can relate with the worst
introvert and extrovert you can ever imagine. She is the first child of the
family of four. Her parents are quite fine not that rich though but providing
the basic needs is not a problem at all. The unfortunate incident happened when
Vivian was  at the University where she is studying Mass communication. She had just resumed
for the second semester of her 200 level. On a Monday morning, she received a
call that her parents had a motor accident, and both lost their life on the spot.
On hearing this, she broke down in tears and wailed profusely. All she could
think of at that moment was how she would kill herself because she felt there was
no hope for her again. As she was thinking of how best she could commit suicide
(either by hanging or taking sniper), she received a call from the same caller.
This time, the caller apologized for the wrong information earlier, stating it clearly
that it was an error. The caller had dialled a wrong number. In short, the
information was for another person. So, what could have happened if Vivian had
killed herself?

The story above is a typical example
of what many people are facing in life. Faced with a particular problem, they tend
to draw a conclusion of a miserable life. They forget about the past success
they have achieved and the future glory and achievement they are yet to witness.
Why must you be overwhelmed by your present challenges? Why must you always
think of ending it here. Have you seen it all?

Tell me about your financial
challenges and I will tell you about a man that slept in hunger but eventually
acquired wealth. Are you worried about your academic results? That is not the
end of life. Did you know you can check the same results tomorrow and see
distinctions? Even if that is not the case, the rain that falls today is not
the end of it, there is still more rain to fall. Oh!! probably you are worried
about your state of barrenness, and you think that is all. Don’t you think you
can give birth to a president of the Nation? So, if you kill yourself now, who
will take the glory. Have you seen it all? I bet you haven’t. There is still
plenty of fish in the ocean even after the unfortunate one you are eating now.

Don’t give up in life, keep pressing
on. Don’t be lost in your success today and don’t be flooded by the pool of
your challenges. There is still more to be seen in life, more to experience, more
to witness and more to testify. If you give up now, who will see all this?


 Boluwatife Vincent Akinpelu is a Nigerian, from Osun State specifically. He is 24 years old and the last child of the family of Six. He is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University in Microbiology. He is currently undergoing a compulsory One year service for his country. He has  passion in reading and writing, He loves to sing too. He would love to be a virologist in his field of study. 

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